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About us

Founded in 1998 in Zurich, Switzerland, iNet TECHNOLOGIES, is a generic IT consulting and development company. Through the evolutions its has transformed itself into a niche player in the IT outsourcing market. INET is very valuable for both:

  • Clients with ZERO experience of offshore and
  • Matured clients

Naturally, we have different scripts for each type of customers. Over the years we have taken the heat of bridging the expectations between the Customer and Offshore vendors so much that we have championed this tough act which is very useful for our future customers.

Our team consists of professionals employees and consultants who have been with us for 5years or more: that means patient, tolerant and experienced!

We have been lucky with our customers although they are market leaders in their own business therefore quite demanding.

  • Credit Suisse – world’s leading Bank
  • Sulzer – Multinational engineering conglomorate
  • Emil Frey – Second largest swiss automobile distributer, to name the few.

(General information on engagements with these and other customers can be provided on request)

Our focus market is Continental Europe: Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France

We have divided this market in 3 Zones:

  • German speaking Europe (D, CH, A, Lichtenstein, NL)
  • French speaking Europe (F, CH, BE, LUX)
  • Italian speaking Europe (I, CH)
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