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IT services is no more a stand-alone business.

IT has only one role “facilitating core business”. So we have gradually moved over to working closely with “Business side” of our Clients.IT enable services (ITES as it is called ) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) from Europe/US companies has progressed in the third phase of industry evolution – highlighted by the greater degree of depth, specialization and competition. We have geared up to deal with this together with our strong Back-end force from India.

This is naturally linked with cost reduction of at least 50%.

We have industry specific expertise and solutions.

Our ITES / BPO offerings cater to various needs often noticed by us in the market:

  • For “In-House Believers”
    • All inclusive assistance to create Captive centers in India / East Europe
  • For “Growing Companies”
    • Bridging temporary gaps arising due to sudden rise in a company’s Business
  • For“Risk Takers”
    • Classic shifting of identified processes to offshore for cost economics
  • For “Matured Customers”
    • Process improvisation, scaling, higher efficiency
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