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Industry Specifics

  • Claims processing
    • Ultra important (human related) case
      We are specialized in handling Accident claims! Irrespective of which European language claims are made we understand the pain!
    • High value , slow response cases
      Such as casual property damage.
    • Travel insurance claims
      This is an area where many insurance companies struggle to keep the costs of processing low and BPO can change the cost equation.
  • Policy management
    Retain your client at minimum cost/overheads
  • Accounts consolidation
    Get your fingers on the payout figures right!
  • Research and analysis
    for Corrective measures and new business development
Finance And Accounts Claims handling Policy managment Accounting Research and Analysis
Life + Travel
  • Research , Analysis, Reporting We can get engaged for doing Research , Analysis, Reporting required for Investors or Investment managers or independent consultants.The deliverables can be produced onetime, monthly, quarterly, etc.This can be produced according to industry standards or tailor made.Languages : English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanse
  • Quantitative modeling and performance measurement
  • Geography, Sector and individual companies
  • Market Intelligence for Business planning

Overview of portfolio offered together with Zensar BPO in Pune

Finance And Accounts Retail Insurance Healthcare
Purchasing Accounts Logistics Quotations Coding
Accounts payable Order Admin Under writing Charge Enlry
Order Admin Returns Processing Accounts Receivable Claims Processing
Accounts Receivable Reconciliation Premium Accounting Accounts Receivable
Expense Reporting Claims Processing Rejected Claims
General Ledger
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